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Coffee, coffee, coffee

August 14, 2008

I love coffee. I recently backed off from coffee because I would get a headache in Sunday morning yoga and realized how addicted I’d become. I only had one large cup a day, so I couldn’t believe how it affected me. The past few weeks, I’ve been drinking tea. But in Seattle (and Lakebay), I started up again! Okay, so I didn’t totally cut it out (weekends). But anyway, the past few mornings were spent in coffee shops (today I’m by the pool in San Diego – I flew in yesterday). On Monday morn, Larissa dropped me off in Freemont – love that neighborhood! Then Tuesday, I spent the morning in a coffee shop in Ballard (another nice neighborhood, where Larissa lives). On Wednesday, right before I had to leave, Larissa and I had coffee in Columbia City. I wanted to check the neighborhood out, I heard it was up and coming. Larissa referred to it as gangland. Up and coming and gangland – 2 words that have the same definition, I guess! I really liked the main drag – cute shops and lots of trees, but we didn’t have time to explore, so not sure about that neighborhood. (Oh my god, someone is right now grinding coffee in their condo – I’m salivating – I want to go ask for some!)

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  • Reply Diana R August 15, 2008 at 1:28 pm

    OMG!! COFFEE!! I know my dear its a hard thing to get rid of! I’ve tried my best to stop drinking it but i just love the flavor so much. Its not even like I get a headache from it I just can’t help wanting to drink it! lol But hey your on vacation so its ok to cheat a little bit and drink a cup every once in a while if you really want it just have it! mmmm coffee hey im drinking some now..please wait while a take a sip…… ok mmm goodness in a cup! ok well it sounds like you are having a great time exploring your new potential home take care see you soon!

  • Reply AnnMarie August 23, 2008 at 8:05 pm

    I so hope you got your coffee fix in SanDiego, I too am addicted, but I had to quit because I was noticing that it would make me feel funky when I was in Bikram class. I try to order tea now at coffee shops, but the yummy aroma of coffee really makes it hard. Also, I’m doing a cleanse and detox right now so it is a total no-no to have coffee. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed you morning smoothies, come back anytime for more!!!

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