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The Seattle Freeze

November 20, 2008

I forgot to mention that I had already heard this phrase in the short almost 2 weeks I’ve been here . . . it came up again last night. My new friend Michelle invited Larissa and I to a motorcycle meetup at a bar . . . lots of cute guys in leather. We were talking to a couple of guys and since Michelle (she moved to Seattle from Chicago last summer) and I are new to town he brought up the “Seattle Freeze” – it’s a passive-aggressive behavior when you meet someone new and they’re very friendly and say “we should get together”. So you give them your number but they never call. (In Chicago that usually only happens at a bleary-eyed late-night bar.) He did admit that it could be a self-fulling prophecy if you hear of this (I guess I’ll ignore it) but he also said that it could be because of the Swedes. What? You’ve got to be kidding. The bar was in an area of Seattle called Ballard (it’s the neighborhood that Larissa lives in) and it’s known for it’s Scandinavian roots (like Andersonville in Chicago). The dude said because Swedes are stand-offish. Hah! Very funny! Oh wait, I kind of agree with him. My dad’s family is Swedish. I have a tendency to be a little stand-offish. But I’m trying to change that. . .

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