Coffee Break Fiction

Bloody vampire

April 29, 2009

A vampire walked into a coffee shop and ordered a no-frills, straight black coffee. Room for cream? No. He turned, looking around the room. It was packed and the pop rock songs were barely audible above the voices. He sat at a small table in a tight corner by the window and picked up the re-folded newspaper in front of him. As he leaned into it, sipping his black coffee, his wild, foppy hair fell forward. Sunshine warmed the small coffee shop. Was he waiting for someone? Why is he out, it’s sunny today? I didn’t think that he ate or drank anything but, eh-hem, you know what. He is so freakn’ hot. These thoughts passed through Lydia’s head. Cindy had stopped chattering, ready to chide her friend for not listening but then followed Lydia’s gaze. That’s the guy from that movie. Hah, I wonder what he’s doing here. Well, besides drinking coffee. Very good looking. She found it nearly impossible to remove her gaze.

“You know who that is?” Lydia whispered. Her eyes were devious.

“Why are you whispering, of course I know who that is,” Cindy slapped Lydia on her arm.

“I want him to suck my blood,” Lydia stared at Cindy.

“Don’t do this, are you crazy? Yes, he’s hot, but it was a movie. He played a sexy character,” Cindy smirked. “Look at him now, kind of dopey.” She continued on with her conversation, hoping to sway Lydia back to reality. But Lydia’s reality was different than Cindy’s . . . for instance, when she fell in love with a movie character, Lydia would become obsessed. Ahh, normal for maybe a junior high or high school or college girl. Lydia hadn’t grown out of that stage. When she couldn’t stir up drama in her own life, she turned to the tube.

Cindy didn’t know Lydia in high school or college, but figured that twenty years out maybe those shifts would have taken place. I can’t find romance or love, Lydia would moan to Cindy. It’s because you don’t believe that you can have it, Cindy would repeat over and over to Lydia. Lydia made fun of Cindy because she thought if she was so confident, why didn’t she have love. Patience, Cindy would reply. There hadn’t been much drama lately and that made Cindy a wee bit nervous.

Lydia took out a safety pin and poked her wrist with it. Blood oozed out. She poked and poked and poked. Cindy started laughing. Lydia smiled and stood up.

“You’ve got to be kidding. That’s gross, he’s not gonna suck your blood,” Cindy grabbed Lydia’s unscathed wrist and pleaded. “No, please, what are you doing?”

“Relax, it’s a joke, I want to meet him,” Lydia pulled her arm away and then raised an eyebrow. “How do I look?” She headed in his direction, but could no longer see him because of the long line for coffee. Man, it got busy, she pushed through the line of women, trying not to get blood on them. She passed one and noticed that her finger was bleeding. Ouch, she thought, but then observed the next and on and each had blood on either their fingers, hands, wrists or arms – small marks and larger ones that made Lydia gasp. One guy one-upped the dames with a bloody mark on his neck. They were all ages and sizes. Lydia even noticed a mother with her daughter.

“There’s a line,” a tall blonde looked down at Lydia.

“I’m not getting coffee,” Lydia rolled her eyes.

“I know,” she pointed her bloody finger at Lydia’s wrist. Lydia stepped on her tip-toes and saw that the line went right up to his table. He smiled graciously at the lady he was speaking to. A gorgeous girl sat next to him. Must be his girlfriend, Lydia thought, what’s the point now? He’s too young anyway. She rubbed at her wrist, trying to get the blood to stop and then pulled her long-sleeves down. She grabbed a napkin and decided to get his autograph. After waiting fifteen minutes, she was face to face with his beautiful teeth.

“Hi, uh . . .er . . . um . . . autograph?” she muttered as if she couldn’t speak English. She pulled at her white shirt-sleeves, yanking them down to her wrists. Blood dots had seeped into the white cotton.

“Your name?” He smiled warmly. He was so sexy she felt like she was going to puke.

“Cindy. Hah, oops, I mean Lydia,” she flushed. He scribbled on the napkin and handed it back. She floated back to the table. Cindy was sitting with a strange guy.

“Did you get it?” Cindy smiled. “This is Jake.”

“Nice to meet you,” he reached out to shake Lydia’s limp hand. Then smiled at Cindy, “I better go, I’ll give you a call.” He moved through the crowd to the door.

“Look,” Lydia placed the napkin on the table.

“Can’t even read it,” Cindy picked it up and squinted. “Isn’t Jake cute. He just came up and started talking to me. I think we have a lot in common. We’re going out this week. What luck!”

“I know, what luck,” Lydia picked up her napkin and held it to her heart.

The next day, Lydia pulled up a local blog that she always followed. The headline read, “Vampire Gets Coffee”. Lydia giggled and felt a flush of excitement. She read on to the first line, “But it turns out that this vampire was a fraud. He was a look-a-like and many women fell for it.” Lydia’s heart fell. It can’t be, she thought. Then Cindy called.

“Hah, it was a sham! Did you hear?” Cindy laughed.

“It couldn’t be, it looked just like him,” Lydia pouted.

“Maybe from far, they have this guy’s photo up on the article that I’m reading and it doesn’t really look like him.”

“Jeez, well, I fell for it. But you know, I found it odd that I wasn’t nervous around him . . . at all,” Lydia raised her eyebrows.

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