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Vegan Cleanse

April 22, 2009

Day three of my vegan cleanse and I think that today I will just eat my fingernails. I’m confused and don’t know what to eat. This vegan cleanse says to not only eliminate animal products but also sugar, gluten, caffeine and alcohol for up to three weeks. Did you know that almost everything (even vegetarian-fake meats) contains gluten? I thought it would be easier because I read Quantum Wellness and it told me what to eat but I went shopping on Monday and just stood and stared at the food. I had to start with the basics such as vegan mayo, butter and cream cheese, agave (sweetener), soy yogurt and rice milk. My list of food items was as long as my list to Santa and I actually had to read the ingredients on all the packages. All sorts of shoppers were buzzing around me, cutting me off and huffing when my cart was in front of their tuna cans. I was in a daze . . . but I do have to place part of the blame on no caffeine. I was fine the first day until that evening when my caffeine headache kicked in . . . it lasted for about 24 hrs. It was tough yesterday because it was a rainy, chilly Seattle day and all I wanted to do was to sip coffee. I haven’t been starving myself because when in doubt go for fruit and nuts. It’s just a completely different way of eating. Last night when Stacy came home, she said that she was in a bit of a daze also and drove down a one-way the wrong way. She said that driving vegan was almost as bad as driving drunk.

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  • Reply sugarfoot August 14, 2009 at 10:33 am

    i think the point of the vegan cleanse is not to find vegan products to substitute things you used to eat youre supposed to get rid of them…most of those vegan products although they ARE vegan…theyre gross and extremely processed. cheese that isnt cheese is just strange..i love vegetarian products..and many vegan producs despite this widely shared opinon of consumers.but like i was saying…the point of the vegan cleanse …is to CLEANSE of additives,sugars,processed-ness…

    • Reply admin August 15, 2009 at 2:14 pm

      Good point! All the stuff I’ve read (and advice from my vegan friend) have pointed me in the direction to substituting things but that just turns out to be disappointing. After doing the the cleanse, I have incorporated new meals into my diet that aren’t substitutions but process-free, healthy and delicious!

  • Reply charles ellis October 4, 2009 at 8:41 pm

    The “driving vegan” story is hilarious, today was a one-day vegan lo-carb experiment and all of my plans to do homework are just flat-out unrealistic right now.

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