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Fried dough-shaped ice cream cone

May 7, 2009

I think this vegan cleanse has affected me more than I realize. Last night I had a dream that I was swimming in deep, turbulent water and then reached a dock. The sky was dark and stormy. After trying to pull myself up a few times, I finally succeeded. But then all of a sudden I was lying on a metal thing (kind of looked like a big cheese grater – had big holes in it) that had a base attached to the dock. It was spinning fast and I held on tight so it wouldn’t fling me off. I attempted to pull myself to the edge to jump off, my legs flying about. Then I fell on to the dock and thought, jeez that was ridiculous. I walked over to a cafe on the dock and saw an old classmate of Stacy’s, sitting with an older man. I had a fried dough-shaped ice cream cone and had started to eat it. She was eating one, too, and told me that they also come in a larger size. I looked at the cone and thought, why am I eating this? I don’t even really like fried dough!

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