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May 4, 2009

This photo represents me, for the past five months . . . but with more luggage. Oh, yeah, and a car. This guy was walking along the road, somewhere in New Mexico.

Last fall when I left, I really thought I wouldn’t come back. I came back. I had the freedom to move anywhere, but when it came down to it, I really missed Chicago. It was the best thing for me to get away and to skip winter! Well, I had winter in Seattle, but it was a very rough winter in Chicago. I talk to people now and they say – “I can’t deal with it anymore, I want to move somewhere warm!” I smile sheepishly . . believe me, I get it! My goal is to get out more in the winter for some time in the sunshine.

I learned a lot about myself, from my journey. For instance, that I’ve lived in Chicago so many years that I stopped taking advantage of all the things it had to offer. I also realized that I need to take every day as it comes instead of jumping into the future. I have a fresh perspective.

With my return home, I’ve decided to mix up my blog postings – to add in some creative writing based on funny things going on in our world. It gives me a chance to work my fiction muscle.

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