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May 5, 2009

I’ve been doing a vegan cleanse for over two weeks and I’m almost done – I’ll be done this weekend! I can actually feel my own energy vibrating through my body. The cleanse has given me clarity and I’m not talking about goals, etc. (I already know what I want) but everything looks brighter, more colorful and clear. Especially when I’m outside. I have a natural high . . . not clouded by a caffeine buzz. But I really can’t wait to have a cup of coffee . . . yes, I’ll go back to it but not by the gallons this time.

The first couple of days were the hardest . . . trying to figure out what to eat, but after that it’s been a breeze and only now am I starting to miss certain foods like cheese and dark chocolate. I went to Luann’s baby shower on Sunday and they had a buffet but I wasn’t even tempted by the chocolate mousse. I drank my water and nibbled on greens. There are a lot of choices and I never go hungry. I’ve been eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts, tofu, pasta (w/ quinoa or brown rice noodles), pizza (not so good – rice bread crust w/ soy cheese), portabella mushrooms and awesome tasting black bean burgers.

When I first went to the grocery store, I would stand in front of certain sections, staring at soy products and other alternatives very confused on what to pick up. But then I’d get saved by a vegan. Buy this not that. It’s funny, I’d find myself saying, “Oh, I’m not vegan, I’m just on a cleanse,” like I didn’t want to be caught dead a vegan. I have friends who are vegan so I’m not sure why I felt I had to defend myself. Maybe I thought they’d put flowers in my hair? Maybe they’d want to hang out and chant? So weird. Well, I’ve gotten over that. I’ve found that I like vegenaise better than mayonnaise (well, I never really liked it). I like rice milk better than cow milk. The soy cheese is a bit odd – it tastes similar to the type of cheese (i.e. mozzarella) but the texture is bouncy/springy. I can eat corn, so the flaxseed corn chips have been a yummy snack – with fresh salsa and avocado. I made eggless salad (with tofu) and it was very good – the texture was kind of weird. The tempeh I tried had a bad after taste . . . not sure if it was the brand or that’s what it’s like.

This cleanse was much more than just going vegan, I had to eliminate caffeine, sugar, alcohol and gluten. It’s amazing how many products have gluten – it’s wheat. I’m now more conscious of how my body feels and what I put into it. Pretty cool! My eating habits will shift somewhat after doing this, but I can’t wait to go back to eating more normal!

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