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Body Heat Telepathy

September 24, 2012


Body heat telepathy assists in attracting the right people or situations into your life. Whether it is a business partnership or a romantic relationship, it will create a sense of openness that draws the perfect person or situation in. Consumers fall in love with a product just as a person falls in love with another. Body heat telepathy can help you prepare for a relationship before you are in it, unlock what others need to see in you, open you up to attractive parts of yourself, and align you in a strategic negotiating position. People unconsciously communicate with each other all the time, but with body heat telepathy you will find a new awareness to the messages.

Connections can be made everywhere from walking down the street to the grocery store to a dinner party. Sometimes an instant love connection is made, leading to passion for a few months only to wind up broken hearted. You have a choice to send out messages through either your true needs or through old habits and patterns. Using body heat telepathy, you can clear out patterns and shift the messages you are sending out. Once you develop authentic self-love, you reclaim your own heart and are able to show your true self to the world. Deep within you, there are authentic memories, thoughts and feelings you can tap into to find your power of attraction. By tapping into your inner strength, you can overcome your weaknesses to find that partner you can grow with.

Intuition is directed by your subconscious, so you will want to dive into your reasoning behind what you are looking for. Why do you want a loving relationship? Are you filling the void of loneliness or do you truly want to experience love? Take a look at your history to find out if you are protecting yourself from love. Perhaps you had a difficult childhood or a challenging break up. After you connect and accept your inner self, then you will attract a healthy relationship. Using body heat telepathy to create romantic relationships, will lead to improving all relationships, including your business ones.

Start by recognizing patterns and asking yourself questions. What is keeping you from love or that perfect business partnership? Write down thoughts, feelings, memories, songs that pop into your head, and even things you see in the room you are in. Pay attention to anything you notice. These things you become aware of are all clues to uncovering beliefs that no longer serve you. If you have the courage to work through issues and heal, they will become your strength in designing your future. To clearly see what may have been hindering you, will help in uncovering your true self. This process is meant to guide your intuition to get quick hits about what can help you. It is not meant to overwhelm or lead you to overthinking about the issues. Experience your impressions and let them go.

Make it a practice to become aware by checking in with your body. Take a moment to inhabit each of your senses, to feel into what you are thinking and experiencing in your body. By checking in with your body, your intuition will improve along with your telepathy skills, health, and personal power. It will also alert you to other people who are occupying your body. As you send and receive body heat telepathy, so do others. When someone has a thought about you, they enter your body. Watch for instances when you feel worry, anger or certain thoughts that you might question as your own. People, a lot of times without even knowing it, can send those feelings to you and you might pick them up as if they are your own. Fully embodying your own reality will keep you in charge of your emotions.

As you move into your body, allow all the thoughts, feelings and emotions to surface. Write them down or simply observe them and let them float away. The one thing you do not want to do is to avoid or repress them. You may find a solution in the moment the issue arises. Using this process to heal your heart will open you up to an authentic relationship.

To use body heat telepathy on someone, first check in with your body. Then turn your attention to your target. It could be someone you know, a person you would like to know or a future partnership. What do you notice, sense and feel? Using your intuition, experience what the person needs, wants or desires. You may receive bits of information to piece together. Or you may find yourself connected visually or through a knowing. You can send feelings, pictures, tastes, smells and words depending on what you sense they need. If you smell a rose, send it back to them. If you see travel and adventure, put yourself in that picture and send it back to the person. When tapping into an existing relationship, you will want to clear your mind of preconceived notions. It may seem at first that you are making up the information, but with time and practice you will understand that you are really tapping in.

This is a summary of the exercises and advice on body heat telepathy from the book How To Rule The World From Your Couch by Laura Day.

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