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September 3, 2012


If you are looking to tap into your greatest potential, your powerful true self, it is time to unlock your intuitive skills. I know, you already use them, but are you really in control of them? In this blog series, I will summarize the exercises and advice from the book How To Rule The World From Your Couch by Laura Day. If you want to learn to empower yourself, buy this book! It’s inspiring!

The intuitive tools covered in her book are gathering information, mediumship, telepathy, body heat telepathy, remote viewing, precognition, and healing. Intuition is a journey. Travel outside of your current situation and into another time and place to gather diverse points of view. Learn how to change the past to heal a current condition. Alter your actions now to create a different future. Each week I will be exploring a different topic.

It is difficult for some to grasp the idea that less work can bring about greater change. But once you stop thinking and start intuiting, you will have more time and energy to create the life of your dreams. Intuition allows you to know what is coming and how to prepare for it. One key to developing these skills is to make it a daily practice to take notes about your observations. As you tune in and consciously clear yourself of old habits and patterns using these tools, your perception of people, places and the world will shift. If you take the time to practice the following exercises, you will be delighted by how much control you actually have over the events in your life. It will be an empowering experience.

Gathering Information
Intuition is an insight that is accessed through an extra sense, higher than the typical five senses, intellect or experience. It takes you past the conscious to the subconscious. This information can guide you to your highest self, the truest answer. When you encounter what appears to be an obstacle, using intuition gives you the ability to instantly make the next move smoothly. Gathering information using this extra sense, allows you a peak into the future to see the outcome from various paths, which will help you choose the direction you want to go. By tapping into this infinite field of knowledge, you can guide yourself and others through all situations in life from career to health to love. It will help you to perceive the world around you in a transformative way, in a state of detachment. Once you start using your intuition as part of your routine, you can develop the ability to sensing answers without even asking questions.

Everyone is intuitive. It is an innate skill that can be developed. To begin, ask a specific question. What do you want to explore, know, discover and improve? Narrow the question down to one clear goal. Next, take your focus off the question. In other words, leave your intellect out of the search for the answers. Instead, focus deeply into the core of your body. Go into your heart. Breath deeply. Expand your breath out to your skin and notice what you see, feel, hear, taste, smell, and perceive. Where is your attention? Breathe out a couple more times, first by expanding out beyond your skin and finally expanding out as far as you wish to go. Each time, notice where your attention goes. You should receive information to help you formulate the answer to your question. It only takes a matter of seconds. Play the observer, not the thinker.

By taking your focus off the question, it frees up your senses to search around the question for answers. If you stare at something close, for too long, it becomes distorted. If you shift your focus off the distortion, then you have access to perceptions that exist around or in the question. This allows you to sense all information pertaining to the issue to open you up to fresh ideas. To go within, you practice following your attention to alternatives that can help you develop an intuitive answer.

Notice the information that comes in. It might not make sense at first. And in fact, you might find that you are blocked. If so, describe the block: what does it look or feel like, where is it, how can you go through it, under it, over it, etc. Being blocked is an intuitive answer. By exploring the block, you may be surprised to find the answer. Anything you perceive in any way, including outside distractions, has a purpose in leading you to the answer.

Symbols will sometimes pop up. They may not make sense at first, but as you chart your discoveries, you will start to find meaning in them. Perhaps in childhood you had a stuffed animal you loved. If that appears, it might represent something pleasurable. Intuition may not give you the whole story, but you should be able to get pieces that answer your question.

Resistance can be a natural part of the process when first honing your intuitive skills. You might find yourself judging, questioning or analyzing the information. Practice becoming the detached observer of the intuitive hits you perceive. Learn to have no expectation of the outcome. Judgment and opinion can cloud the vital information you are receiving. Record or write everything that you observe, even if it might not make sense. Over time, by documenting the information, you will understand the way that you attain your intuitive answers.

As you develop your intuitive skills, you will begin to recognize which part of you is answering: intuition, intellect, emotion, wishful thinking, or fear. It will lead you to useful information, answers that will take you out of repetitive patterns and onto the next step. Detailed questions lead to accurate information. Instead of asking if a job interview will go well, consider being more specific, What steps can I take to get the job? Or even, is this job my next best step?

An intuitive answer can equip you with ways to prepare for an event, change the outcome or even avoid it. It is important not to get caught up in all the mistakes you made in a certain situation, but instead empower yourself to change or leave it. Take action once you have made an intuitive discovery. When you open the door in using this gift to benefit your life, intuitive information will start to stream in.
What you notice or take in from around you creates awareness. Attention plays a big role in the intuitive process. To develop this awareness, stare at something in the room you are in. Every time your mind floats off onto another thought, bring your attention back to the object in the room. It might surprise you how many quick thoughts flit through your mind. As you start to notice your attention, you will be able to decipher the important intuitive information from random thoughts.

Developing your intuitive skills is empowering. As you use this skill in daily life, you may find yourself challenged by a situation that you want to manipulate to benefit yourself at another’s expense. If your objective is to create the life you want, without regret, you will find that it is important to make decisions based on your integrity. The quality of your life is directly related to your actions.

Being intentional about your practice will lead to clarity in using intuition. Set a sacred space, sacred time and a sense of ritual in your daily routine. Yes, you can use intuition, in any moment of your day, but to set aside time for yourself, to quiet and calm the mind is important. It can be as simple as sitting on your couch for a few minutes of uninterrupted time or creating an altar somewhere in your home or office. Choose a certain time during the day, that you can create his ritual. It can be as simple as relaxing and listening to your favorite music. The ritual might include sitting cross-legged, breathing deeply as you reflect on your blessings. Or it may include washing the dishes, quietly at a certain time of day. It is up to you to create this practice with what fits into your lifestyle.

As you begin to learn to use your intuition, it is important to set up quiet time to regroup and release the stresses of the day. With practice, intuition will become invaluable to those moments of crisis. You will be able to think clearly by shutting down the busy mind and tap into the calm where you can access the best course of action.

As you develop and combine your intuitive skills, you will find your perception of the world shift to new points of view. The ability to create success will empower you beyond belief. When life throws you a curve ball and you find yourself struggling, keep at it. Discipline in your practice will show you paths to achieve your goals. Create your own internal process, using these tools to best serve you. With intuition, you will make fewer mistakes as you learn to control and predict what appears in your life.

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