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September 10, 2012


Mediumship is the ability to become something or someone else, to see things from a point of view that is not your own. It includes communicating with the dead, tapping into past lives and connecting with spirit guides. This might be a hard concept to grasp, but it actually could play a vital role in seeking information. Unlike an intuitive hit where you sense the information, with mediumship, you embody the person or event.

It allows you to know the point of view of a competitor, tap into a market to see the best way to sell a product, and to assess a company’s stock. In your personal life, it can aid in healing a past situation, interpret a future situation, and evaluate a friend or even a company’s needs. By becoming a relationship, whether it is love or a client, you can get an understanding of it from a different perspective. As a medium, you can help others (and they can help you) connect with a distant person, alive or since passed. Remember the film Ghost? Whoopi Goldberg played a medium that was able to embody the main character’s dead husband. Everyone has this skill. All it takes is losing your own perspective and opening up to bits of information that you might have not considered.

In reality, you probably use this tool all the time, when you “walk in another’s shoes”. This includes worrying about someone’s opinion or how they may react. Instead of carrying that fear of not knowing, mediumship empowers you to get a clear sense of what the outcome could be and what action step is needed.

To practice mediumship, start by choosing your target: a person, object or situation. Next, step into and embody your target. Let go of how you see the world and assume when you think “I” that you are the target. Pay attention to what you, as the target, are experiencing. Then jot down everything you perceive. Where are you? What are your thoughts, feelings, memories and interactions? Play with this and remember to be patient. A good way to practice is with quick hits. Go into your target and then jump out in a matter of seconds. As your skills sharpen, you might notice how you have been using this tool without even realizing it. Now you can use it to your benefit.

Mediumship can help in making choices in your life. From basic decisions, such as choosing what to eat, to more complex ones, like deciding on the best treatment for an illness, you have the power to determine the most effective route. Start by practicing on smaller decisions, situations where you may not be attached to the outcome. Then move on to the bigger ones. Become aware of your personal judgments and biases of the target before you go into it, so it does not cloud your perception.

As you gain awareness, notice throughout the day if your attention is spontaneously directed to something, such as a person, event, object, or even a part of the world. These messages are trying to tell you something. Through your mediumship skills, you will gain a clear point of view that will prepare you in dealing with situations. It will become an essential tool that can open the door to inner knowing.

Once you understand mediumship, you can train others. Partner two people together and have one person choose the target. Simply say a name, event or an object, and leave out the details. The other person will become the medium. After the medium assumes the point of view of the target, have the person who chose the target start a conversation. When answering a question, the medium should speak quickly. This allows the medium to give detailed information, speaking before judgment can skew the point of view. Both people should document the conversation.

With mediumship, you can develop the ability to become aware of when someone else occupies your body. Notice when your mind is churning with other’s beliefs and opinions. When you realize that you do not feel like yourself, take a moment to find out who or where those feelings are coming from. Building this muscle will put you in charge, giving you direction, clarity and the courage to follow your own intuition.

Use mediumship while you sleep. Jot down a question or take a moment to become aware of an issue before you go to bed. Also consider whose voice came through you during the day or what voice stopped you from expressing yourself. Make a list of these influences, and then tear it up or choose some ritual to release it and reclaim your inner space. After you wake, write down your feelings and memories. As you go through your day, use the notes to accomplish goals and to keep clear of adopting another person’s desires as your own.

The more you practice mediumship, the better the results. As a daily practice, do quick hits to find out what situations you need to know about for that day, embody yourself twelve hours ahead to get a sense of how you feel, or test out different choices and experience the results to determine the best path. If you are researching a topic, such as Shakespeare, embody Shakespeare and notice the information you receive. It can also be an effective tool to tap into a calmer version of you, when in stressful situations.

This is a summary of the exercises and advice on medumship from the book How To Rule The World From Your Couch by Laura Day.

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