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September 17, 2012


Telepathy is the innate ability to read minds, feel into a situation, and influence the thoughts and behaviors of people. Others also have the capacity to manipulate your thoughts and actions. Most of this happens unconsciously. Subliminal messages directed at you can cause emotions, like anger or fear, that are not your own. They may even misdirect you to do things not in your best interest. With telepathy, you can learn how to send and receive messages that benefit you. Simply by altering your thoughts, you can change the future. In using telepathy, you will gain the ability to step into the full power and awareness of yourself without interference from outside influences. Connecting deeply with this gift will open you up to your true self and in essence, build trust and strengthen your own self-love. In business, telepathy can be applied in problem-solving, negotiating cooperation, and feeling into what opponents are thinking and convincing them otherwise in advance.

To get a clear read on telepathy, first pay attention to the conversations that are running in your mind. Check for patterns that are playing out old scenarios that have no benefit. Are you hanging onto a past argument, withholding forgiveness, judging a situation or allowing fear and worry that is disempowering? Write down everything that comes to mind. These notes can be used as a reminder to redirect your focus to the positive use of telepathy. Choose one conversation that has been running in your mind. What are you trying to say to the person to fix the situation? Would the solution benefit both you and the other person? If so, use telepathy to resolve it. If you cannot feel a positive outcome, decide to let go of the situation. By clearing out old conversations, you free up space to focus on your goals.

Next, direct your attention to the messages you are receiving. Make a list of possible people sending you information, from family to friends to co-workers. Think of strangers you encountered during your day. Did anyone upset you? To effectively use telepathy and gather real information, your voice needs to be the clearest. The present moment is where you can authentically connect with telepathy to achieve your goals. Through this powerful tool, you can learn to attract the people and situations that serve your higher purpose. You are already connecting with people all the time, but with telepathy you bring a heightened awareness to your life situations.

In certain situations, you may find yourself desperate to connect with someone. For instance, in the case of a difficult break up, it might be unhealthy to pursue your target. If you find that you want to say something that you wish you had said, once you have communicated telepathically to your target, detach from the outcome. There will be times that you will not be able to sway the result in your favor. It depends on how the other person reacts.

It is easy to get caught up in other people’s messages and goals; therefore it is important to reconnect with your body on a daily basis. A good way to do this is through embodiment, as discussed in mediumship. Take a few moments each day, to step fully into your own body.

Take note of negative or frustrating states of emotion you are sending out. Did you have a disagreement with a co-worker or a fight with a friend? Redirect the negative energy somewhere else and use telepathy to resolve the issue positively. Instead of using angry thoughts to disturb your target, focus on goals that benefit you in the long run. Sometimes it is difficult to let go of a strong opinion about someone, but you have the power to shift the relationship by sending messages of cooperation or love. Focus on a positive memory or a quality of the person to shift the experience. Messages you send to people, will affect your well-being.

You do not have to believe in telepathy to use it. Experiment with it to see how it can work for you. First, choose your target. This could be a person, a group of people, or a situation. Use your senses to get a clear picture of your target. What kind of response or action do you want from your target? Is it in your best interest? Be clear about your own agenda. Do you want your lover to buy you a certain ring or are you looking for a deeper connection, one in which your true self is recognized? Use your intuition to notice reasons why your target may not want to respond to your message. Take notes, it may reframe the way you want to send your message. Then feel or visualize your target in front of you and relay the message with all your senses. Embody the connection between you and your target. Open to new information from your target. Be patient, the response could take moments or show up in a week or two. Jot down intentional telepathic messages to track your results.

Bedtime is an excellent time to send telepathic messages because your mind is freed up from the busyness of the day. Choose an issue, concern, situation or person you want to communicate with and note the desired outcome. Sweet dreams!

This is a summary of the exercises and advice on telepathy from the book How To Rule The World From Your Couch by Laura Day.

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