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October 15, 2012

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Healing is focusing energy to achieve a state of well-being. Simply directing energy happens all the time when you cook a good meal, embrace a loved one, solve a problem or close a real estate transaction. These actions shift the energy creating a desired outcome or a healing. Everything is made up of energy, from the furniture in your house to your body to a thought to your surroundings. You have the ability to heal a person, company, situations or an event. Do you want to lose weight? By redirecting the energy into something you would like to experience, say finding love, you can lose those extra pounds. Healing can be used to create prosperity, strengthen a business, improve your own or a friend’s mood, revitalize your body, or throw a fun party. It can even be used to heal a stalled car or your food at mealtime.

Energy is not good or bad, but it’s the intention behind the energy that makes the difference. Illness is a cue that you need to redirect your energy. Instead of trying to destroy a malady, love it to shift the energy from fear. Aches and pains often show up to let you know that you have somehow taken on a burden. If you release the emotion, or redirect it, chances are you can release the pain.

Healing occurs whether you believe it or not. If it is hard to wrap your mind around it, just try it out, and play with it. Think of your life as energy, along with all the parts, such as past, present, future, family, friends and work. Energy creates the world around you. As you direct it, you create your life. The more awareness you can bring to the energy of your thoughts, actions and patterns, the more you will find that you are living the life you dreamed.

To practice healing, choose who or what you want to heal. Take a deep breath and fill your body with energy. Feel it flowing through you. Your hands should be out in front of your body, palms facing each other. Guide your attention to put the object between your palms. As you breathe in, feel the energy move through your object. Use your intuition to notice what is there, breath into it and observe what changes. You may find that you heal through different senses, perhaps sending colors, smells, or hot or cold air. Just go with it. If you feel the urge to move your hands to help move the energy, do it. The intuitive hits you get will be quick and might be surprising. Allow the session to last until you lose focus. Take notes. This will trigger your subconscious mind to begin to use this tool naturally, in your every day life.

Now take deep breaths and quickly rub your hands together. Get the energy moving in your body. Expand your body with your inhalation and breathe out any stress or kinks. Keep going. Then put your hands anywhere on your body and feel as the energy of your breath moves through your hands.

Next, take the same deep breath, expanding your body in and out, but instead of using your hands this time, use your attention to notice the energy. After a deep inhalation, sense your target. Let your intuition guide you to focus as you get a physical sense of your target. Try not to judge what this looks like but tap into your senses to experience it. Notice your target change as it heals. Keep breathing deeply. Observe as feelings, messages and memories come up. You are not only composed of your own experiences and patterns but also projections you carry from others. As a multilayered individual, healing can help you notice as patterns intuitively appear. You can make profound changes with this awareness. If you feel ill or discomfort after a session, chances are you have released some repressed pain. Please note, healing is not meant to replace your medical doctor.
Healing to redirect the energy does not include creating a positive visualization. When you use your intuition to heal, you become detached from the outcome. Allow your senses to explore the issue and integrate the information. Intuition can create healing more powerfully and completely than visualization can.

As you work on yourself, explore what your life would be like to be healed. Are there risks or anything frightening to being healthy? Does a family member have the same issue? Do you need to clear up any issues with another person? In detail, describe the healed you. Step into the healed version of yourself. During the day, wear or carry something that reminds you of the healed version of yourself. If you’re feeling off, touch it to bring you back.

Make it a daily practice to feel your body as energy. It reminds you that your body is a fluid, living, breathing, changing organism.

This is a summary of the exercises and advice on healing from the book How To Rule The World From Your Couch by Laura Day.

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