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October 8, 2012

Torrey Pines

Precognition predicts the future. You can choose to use it for yourself, with anyone or on anything. If you are not happy with what you foresee, it empowers you to create change in the present moment to actualize the best possible future. It helps you to determine where you can influence change. And forecast things, such as the stock market.

Precognition exists in each moment of your day, but it is only when you become aware of this gift that it can really work for you. Just as you catch yourself slipping into the past, you also slip into the future. But this might be a foreign concept, as you quickly push it aside. As you practice this skill, it will reveal what you need to know about the future and guide you to a potential solution in the present. It might not always make sense, but if you follow your intuition, you will realize the power beneath this tool.

Start by asking a question about the future. Write it down and then forget about it. Occupy yourself with the things you need to do in your daily routine. Have you ever been at a loss for a name only to have it pop back into your consciousness once you redirect your attention? That is the key to receiving information. As you continue with your day, you will get hits from out of the blue. Keep track of them. Record all your ideas until you get the answer or a course of action to your question. There’s a good chance that your notes will show unrelated but important information leading you to the answer. And you might not get a complete picture. Along with precognition, it’s possible that you are using telepathy, mediumship and remote viewing to attain your solution. Pieces of information come so quickly that you might not have even realized it.

The future does not remain unfixed. You may, unknowingly, make hundreds of tiny decisions each day. This will influence future outcomes. As you become aware of your patterns and beliefs, you will make better decisions about the future. Precognition is subject to interpretation and error. It will depend on how you assemble the bits of information. Do not be hard on yourself if you are wrong about a situation. With daily practice and logging your observations, the accuracy of the information will improve. Start with the small stuff.

If you receive a premonition, which is more of a warning that something bad is going to happen, dig deeper into the message. What is going to happen and when? If it is not what you want, ask what you can do to alter the outcome. Explore the issue, but as in the other cases, chart quick hits that you receive. If it is a situation, which does not affect you, and there’s nothing you can do about it, train your awareness to only show you things you need to know. Instead of running around in fear, you can develop this skill to empower you.

An interactive, fun way to practice precognition is with a group of people. Ask each person to write down a question on an index card and fold it so the question remains hidden. Usually, the more detailed the question is, the more details will come out in the reading. Then have them walk around the room until a bell rings or you alert them to pair up. One person hands the other their folded card. The question is to remain a secret. Allow the reader one minute to communicate any information that comes to mind. Instruct the reader not to look at the other person or it may influence the reading. Have the group continue until each person has had multiple readings. At the end of the exercise, ask them to compare notes to see if they were on target. Some of the people might want to keep their questions a secret because of personal information.

Before you go to bed, write down a question that has been gnawing at you during the day. While you sleep is the best time to get answers because your thinking mind is shut off and you have full awareness. When you wake in the morning, jot down all the ideas, dreams, feelings or anything that comes to mind. It may not make sense, but write it down anyway. Keep adding to your notes during the day.

This is a summary of the exercises and advice on precognition from the book How To Rule The World From Your Couch by Laura Day.

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