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Remote Viewing

October 1, 2012

Torrey Pines

Remote viewing is the process of going into a situation or a place and observing it. Instead of directing information, like in telepathy, you explore it, picking up or sensing images. As with the other intuitive skills, you view from a detached space but take it a step further by visiting places or structures that you might not be familiar with. Remote viewing does not mean that you have to “see” it. Use the sense that you are naturally drawn to. In assessing the place, you can go there through feeling, knowing, hearing, smelling, tasting or seeing.

Remote viewing is a handy tool in sensing a structure, body, or a process. You can visit a meeting you were not invited to, find a missing object or person, view the end result of a project, and evaluate your own strategies or a competitor’s. Take the time to explore future investments, solve building structural issues or take a walk through your grandmother’s childhood home. There are no boundaries in time and space.

Start to notice where your attention goes. You will find that you are viewing things all the time. As someone describes an event, company or another person, watch where your focus is drawn. If the person describes a trip, go on it with them, picking up scents, sounds, tastes, feelings and even changes in temperature. Unless you don’t feel comfortable, let them know what you are sensing. That way you can get feedback on what you are viewing. Bring a new awareness to your daily conversations, instead of getting lost in the idle chitchat of the busy mind.

To practice remote viewing, choose a target. Where do you want to go? Now, put yourself there. Take a look around and experience all that you sense. Notice the details. Take notes as to what you are tapping into. You may get pieces of the puzzle or complete images. Don’t judge what comes up. Play along with it. As with other intuitive skills, do it quickly. Treat this skill simply as a tool and try to not overcomplicate it.

A handy way of practicing remote viewing is by sketching out what you are getting a hit on. Even if your drawing skills are weak, it will help you focus on the physical aspects of your hit. Jot down words, images and figures that come to you. There might be times when you draw an object or get an idea that doesn’t make sense. By becoming aware of what the symbol represents, you will know what it means the next time it shows up.

The messages you get with remote viewing tend to be something unexpected. Out of the blue, you might get a fleeting thought of a friend needing help or project in trouble. It is alerting you to take action. Maybe you get a message that you should skip work or take a different airline flight. Remote viewing will show up in a detached way that is not emotionally charged.

A fun way to expand remote viewing skills is with group exercises. It is easy to train others to play these games. First, get clear about where you want the group to go. Then either give them small details or write your location on a note without letting them see it. Ask them to assume that they are in the location. Remind them to look through drawers, smell the air and peak out windows. Encourage them to use all their senses and to let you know what they are experiencing. This is designed to be a quick exercise, so they don’t get caught up in analyzing.

The key to honing this ability is to test it out by checking your information against the facts. There are various ways you can do this with friends. Ask them if you can remote view their workplace or parent’s home. They can verify the information you pick up. Tell your friend that you are going to use remote viewing to sense them at a certain time. Ask the person to keep track of their whereabouts at that time. Confirm your results.

Along the lines of remote viewing is astral projection. You go into it the same as remote viewing but you bring more of your presence into a situation. With astral projection, you become energetically apart of the place and can make your presence felt. This is a step beyond remote viewing, as now you no longer visit from a detached point of view. If a distant loved one is having a tough time, you lend your support with astral projection.

This is a summary of the exercises and advice on remote viewing from the book How To Rule The World From Your Couch by Laura Day.

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